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s do it, I don't think they will do it well due to a lack of professional sk▓ills and knowledge," said Zhao. After checking the condit▓ion of the remaining tigers, Zhang Xiwu, a director-general with the State Forestry Administration, said the tigers▓ are doing well. They will invite experts to create a proper diet for the tigers to ensure their health. Elev▓en tigers died at the zoo between

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t the zoo was exacer

Nov 11 last year▓ and Feb 27. "No matter who deals with the issue, we▓ hope they give priority to solving real pr

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oblems.▓ Give workers their pay, then the tigers will be fed and▓ their environment will imp

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rove. Otherwise, there is not even anybody to clean the crates," said Zhao. According to Wu

n workers went

on strike over back pay. "We ▓have

Xi, a deputy head of the zoo, the 11 tigers died of diseases like renal failure and heart failure in the past three months and two others

n't been paid for 18 months. W

were shot dead in Nov▓ember 2009 when they attacked a zookeeper. "I believe four reasons are being blamed for the death of thes

e love animals, but we ca▓n't

e tigers. The▓ first is that the tigers were kept behind iron bars i▓ndoors instead of being allowed outdoors, which prevent▓ed them from e

reeder named Zha


dalajara Zoo in Mexico the "Central de Investigacion Animal" or Animal Research Centre is an interactive▓ research centre. It's a place where kids can learn about animals and environmental


issues.The zoo's administrators believe the best way to educate people abo▓ut environmental issues is through games and other in▓teractive modules. That's the philosophy and mission ▓of the interac


tive museum.Visitors to the Central de Investigacion Animal, or CIA, get an ID card. Playing off on t▓he museum's shared initials with the American Central Intelligence Agency, visitors become "Special Agent Z008".Chi

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